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Ongoing shows that a task isn't finished and will continue for some time into the future. In progress means you are still working on it and usually means you are close to doing the task. See a translation Ongoing is a synonym of continuous. As adjectives the difference between ongoing and continuous is that ongoing is continuing, permanent while continuous is without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening time. As a noun ongoing is something that is going on; a happening. As adjectives the difference between recurring and ongoing is that recurring is happening or occurring frequently, with repetition while ongoing is continuing, permanent. As a verb recurring is .

On going vs ongoing

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continuing to exist or…. Learn more. Ongoing shows that a task isn't finished and will continue for some time into the future. In progress means you are still working on it and usually means you are close to doing the task. See a translation An ongoing or non-ongoing employee moving to casual employment breaks continuity of service for all purposes if the employee returns to ongoing or non-ongoing employment at a later date. A casual employee is not eligible for severance benefits, additional severance benefits or the career transition payment in respect of the casual employment or When things go wrong, all insurance endorsements must be right. If not, additional insured coverage under the named insured’s commercial general liability (CGL) policy can be in doubt.

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22 Feb 2014 Read the topic about Seasonal anime vs Ongoing anime? on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga  24 Nov 2015 When you conduct your new-hire training, you are going to overload your Having training courses every few weeks or months is crucial to  8 May 2015 There is suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing or veracity or adequacy of previously obtained customer Conducting ongoing due diligence Reducing the degree of on-going monitoring and scrutinizing& 8 Dec 2010 The goal of the ongoing Social Worker is to assist the family to successfully complete the conditions of the court order or voluntary agreement. For educators preparing to practice in early childhood settings outside of elementary schools or public school systems, early childhood–related higher education  Chances are, the best employee for an open position will not always be available right at the moment you need him or her.

On going vs ongoing

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Contrast duration of present perfect (ongoing but completed) vs present perfect progressive (ongoing, not completed); determine timing from adverbs and context. Traduzioni in contesto per "ongoing" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: still ongoing, on an ongoing basis, ongoing negotiations, ongoing investigation, ongoing work The earlier case held that a pipe rupture resulting in a scalding injury arose out of the contractor's "ongoing operations" even though the contractor was not actively testing or installing a valve at the time of the incident because "'[u]nder any plain meaning of the word, the contractor's work was 'ongoing' as long as the tests designed to assure proper performance remained undone'." High quality example sentences with “is currently ongoing” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English What does ongoing mean? In progress or evolving. (adjective) The definition of ongoing is something that is still going on at the present time and that is going to continue. ongoing work translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'ongoings',oncoming',outgoing',onlooking', examples, definition, conjugation Antonyms for ongoing include finished, done, ended, over, complete, completed, kaput, arrested, halted and stopped. Find more opposite words at!

On going vs ongoing

See a translation Ongoing is a synonym of continuous.
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This article deals with narrative songs  Now VS 2 years ago In just a few days · Soon finished with this It does not look like it's going to end up like anything cute Good morning Atm I have 3 ongoing projects: Pomona Magnolia Bloom · #aftonsol  FeS2, pyrite or fool?s gold have excellent light-absorbing properties. In view of the ongoing experimental programme at the LHC we are The on-going construction of the international experimental fusion reactor ITER in  For athletics fans, the prospect of Usain Bolt vs Mo Farah over 600m offers For Bolt, it's whether he can withstand the fatigue of going three times further This post is part of the thread: World Championships – an ongoing  A B Emstad & E Angelo: Collaboration by outsourcing or inclusion Going back to Jonestown, Guyana and November 1978, 918 people concluded or ongoing research from different perspectives, and finally Cecilia Björck  Flange connection vs.

The Commission uses this employment method to cover a range of circumstances where on-going or permanent employment is not appropriate.
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on-going / ongoing - English Only forum Flash consultation on State aid and public procurement measures in the wake of covid-19 · Cross-border healthcare · CAP vs territorial  An update of ongoing Covid-19 related expertise work for the ECON, EMPL, with a focus on the ongoing centralised vs.